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No1 School
Management  ERP.

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Welcome to the No1 School ERP Institution Management System!

Our comprehensive and user-friendly platform is designed to streamline and enhance every aspect of institution administration, making it easier for educators, administrators, parents, and students to connect, collaborate, and succeed.

Why Choose No1 School ERP

Embrace the future of education administration with No1 Institution ERP. Experience the power of a seamless, integrated, and efficient Institution Management System that enhances the educational journey for all stakeholders. Join us in shaping the next generation of education management

  • **User-Friendly Interface:** Our intuitive design ensures that users of all technical levels can navigate and utilize the platform effortlessly
  • **Data Security:** Your institution's data is of utmost importance to us. No1 Institution ERP employs advanced security measures to safeguard your information.
  • **24/7 Support:** Our dedicated customer support team is available around the clock to assist with any inquiries or technical issues.
  • **Scalability:** Whether you're a small private institution or a large public institution, No1 Institution ERP can adapt to your needs and grow with your institution.

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General FAQs

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No1 Institution ERP is an educational application mainly used to Automate Institution/college Activities, Reduce paper work and Communication Gap, in short converts your institution/collge to a SMART CAMPUS.

Off course! it does.
It manages the institution/college administrative tasks in which it stores, manipulate and process the data in a sophisticated way. Simplified anywhere, anytime access to the mobile application provides smooth functioning of academic process. The features doesn’t stop here, come-on lets dig into the depth:.

In order to streamline your educational business operation, increase efficiency and reduce cost we come with the Web Application. In addition, the app will be launched using your institution/college domain info.
As all of us know web application plays a crucial role in branding process, the app goes a step ahead to provide cent percent branding.

To make the communication gap between the admin, teacher and parents ease, we provide the user friendly mobile application in both Android and Apple iOS.
Mainly, we provide the application with your institution/college name, logo, which gives rich look and feel, easy to sort out by parents and staffs.

We feel happy and proud in introducing our talented team who are willing to serve you 24/7.
Its time to reach the cloud, hence we support in providing the domain and hosting for free.
Our team is client friendly, take up the request, solve it in minimal time and give the significant solution. And also monitors the checklist and ensures excellent, appropriate support.

We assist you with the education goal using the social media platform.By doing so, we support in Increasing website traffic, getting feedback from the users, and so on…
We help in shaping your goals, the messages and target audiences, increase your brand awareness,serve as a customer support channel for your customers. Also mainly we create and maintain the campaigns in Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and so on for free of cost..


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